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Ways To Show Your Love

Now that you have set off with a new date, here are some tips to show your Love or affection towards him/her. Using some of the below can help you to get over your date also get them hooked to you for life.

  Hug her/him once in a while.
  Write a love note.
  Call her/him at work just to say "Hi."
  Give a foot massage when both of you are together.
  Tell a joke. Share his comments.
  Caress her/him with slow gentle strokes.
  Go for a walk with her/him.
  Admit your mistakes. Do not hide them.
  Say: "I love you."
  Listen to her/him talk about an interest of hers/his.
  Be trustworthy. Do not act or project yourself too much.
  Look at her/him straight into the eyes when you're in a discussion.
  Send her/him flowers.
  Compliment something she/he did.
  Offer to help when in need or in a dilemma.
  Ask her/him what she'd/he'd like sexually.
  Go away together for a weekend holiday.
  Listen to her/him (even if she/he is boring you.)
  Plan a candlelit dinner.
  Take a shower together.
  Share sexual fantasies.
  Do a work project together.
  Surprise her/him with a gift.
  Cook her/his favorite meal.
  Put on some romantic music when together.
  Ask her/him how he feels when in physical intimacy.
  Let her/him know when you are proud of her/him.
  Watch a sunset together.
  Play a game together.
  Let him/her know you care.