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Jamila  My Zodiac Sign      : Leo
 My Destiny Number:7
 Leo Horoscope

I am tall, kind and very caring.I am tall, kind and very caring.I am tall, kind and very caring.I am tall, kind and very caring.
Female, 42 years
Recent Visit : 06/02/2006
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tanner  My Zodiac Sign      : Aries
 My Destiny Number:3
 Aries Horoscope

i like the counntry and to go to the mall every once in a wile and to go down to the river and go fishin
Male, 39 years
Recent Visit : 03/15/2006
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Nicole  My Zodiac Sign      : Gemini
 My Destiny Number:5
 Gemini Horoscope

I dont like dishonest people, even if it means you have to hurt my feelings. I would rather know that I look stupid than to go around thinking I look good.
Female, 40 years
Recent Visit : 02/23/2006
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kiesha  My Zodiac Sign      : Aquarius
 My Destiny Number:6
 Aquarius Horoscope

im damn good! big boobies!!khfo;jhewkuirhu /khl;khaoihfklhiuhrkyoelahgrarhgo;iheatkvfgbvv fto;flgyv./gyv/gytvit;gyvopueoipfruie'iosdfh'oisduflkjew'hoiahj;uiljokdfjaojoi
Female, 38 years
Recent Visit : 01/23/2006
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tae  My Zodiac Sign      : Virgo
 My Destiny Number:3
 Virgo Horoscope

Iam a professional motorcross racer. I have been for 2 years but I have been riding since i was little
Female, 38 years
Recent Visit : 01/05/2006
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Nadia  My Zodiac Sign      : Capricorn
 My Destiny Number:7
 Capricorn Horoscope

BellinghamBellinghamBellinghamBellinghamBellinghamBellinghamBellinghamBellinghamBellin BellinghamBellinghamBellinghamBellinghamBellinghamBellinghamBellinghamBellinghamBellin
Female, 44 years
Recent Visit : 11/17/2005
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