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Michaele  My Zodiac Sign      : Capricorn
 My Destiny Number:7
 Capricorn Horoscope

Female, 39 years
Recent Visit : 01/08/2016
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miri  My Zodiac Sign      : Virgo
 My Destiny Number:9
 Virgo Horoscope

nice and caring girl nice and caring girl nice and caring girl nice and caring girl nice and caring girl nice and caring girl
Female, 35 years
Recent Visit : 09/14/2013
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Allanah  My Zodiac Sign      : Gemini
 My Destiny Number:7
 Gemini Horoscope

I'm Allanah and I'm 24 years old. I'm pretty easy to get along with, but I'm kind of a shy at first. I enjoy life and trying to live it one day at a time. I also like to hit the malls todo the usual girl stuff. Oh and I love going to the beach, but I don't get to do that too often. I am the type of person that will never back down. I am very confussing person. I can get crazy and happy go lucky sometimes. I'm a girly girl,but don't get me wrong.
Female, 38 years
Recent Visit : 06/07/2009
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Dave  My Zodiac Sign      : Pisces
 My Destiny Number:3
 Pisces Horoscope

I am somewhat quiet, tend to mind my own business most of the time. I travel alot for my job. I absolutely love South America. I speak spanish pretty well, I understand far more though. I am a very good person and a good listener. I am a calm person, I dont get angry cuz it just complicates things.
Male, 47 years
Recent Visit : 10/30/2007
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Kyle Jacobson  My Zodiac Sign      : Cancer
 My Destiny Number:6
 Cancer Horoscope

My Interests include numerolgy and astrology research. I also enjoy palying pickup games of hack. I also enjoy reading books about tVampires or about vampire hunters.
Male, 40 years
Recent Visit : 04/15/2007
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Jessica  My Zodiac Sign      : Scorpio
 My Destiny Number:2
 Scorpio Horoscope

I am a quiet person who enjoys small group settings. I am most definately shy at first, but when I warm up, I can be funny. Well, that's what my friends tell me anyway...
Female, 45 years
Recent Visit : 02/06/2007
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wilson  My Zodiac Sign      : Capricorn
 My Destiny Number:4
 Capricorn Horoscope

I am work need for my to consider the relationship fulfilling. He will take pride in his looks but u can get back to me on [email protected]
Female, 47 years
Recent Visit : 01/19/2007
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Rob  My Zodiac Sign      : Aquarius
 My Destiny Number:5
 Aquarius Horoscope

Music, nature and the outdoors are some of my other passions. Loving father and grandfather that adores his family and I value good lifelong friends.
Male, 67 years
Recent Visit : 08/19/2006
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jonh  My Zodiac Sign      : Capricorn
 My Destiny Number:8
 Capricorn Horoscope

hello am john am seeking for love gilr here if u like to know more about me u cam mail me on this mail [email protected]
Male, 43 years
Recent Visit : 07/18/2006
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Collette  My Zodiac Sign      : Aries
 My Destiny Number:7
 Aries Horoscope

Recently single, ready to experience whatever life has in store for me. Shy until I get to know you, sarcastic, enjoy reading, biking, walking, hiking.
Female, 54 years
Recent Visit : 06/28/2006
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