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sandraa  My Zodiac Sign      : Aries
 My Destiny Number:2
 Aries Horoscope

treuly it is quite intresting to me i will like to have a good relationship
Female, 37 years
Recent Visit : 12/17/2010
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maureen  My Zodiac Sign      : Aries
 My Destiny Number:7
 Aries Horoscope

honesty is the best,honesty is the best,honesty is the best,honesty is the best,
Female, 38 years
Recent Visit : 05/05/2010
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Tiffany  My Zodiac Sign      : Leo
 My Destiny Number:8
 Leo Horoscope

I am 36, in transition as far as career and finance, although embrace lifes small blessings and my ability to recognize the transition is temporary with excitement for what the future hold for my daughter and myself.
Female, 52 years
Recent Visit : 08/03/2008
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cross  My Zodiac Sign      : Pisces
 My Destiny Number:6
 Pisces Horoscope

As anyone who has filled out this portion of the profile, we all know it is hard to describe ourselves without sounding like were all that. I will keep it brief, yet totally honest. I am a well rounded man full of life
Male, 464 years
Recent Visit : 11/15/2006
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hennifer  My Zodiac Sign      : Sagittarius
 My Destiny Number:8
 Sagittarius Horoscope

I am introverted, intellectual and philosophical but rather lively among close friends.
Female, 42 years
Recent Visit : 04/30/2006
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Monica  My Zodiac Sign      : Gemini
 My Destiny Number:4
 Gemini Horoscope

outgoing and out spoken ,faithful and i am shy at times i am very friendly person everyone who knows me can talk to me openly about everything.
Female, 40 years
Recent Visit : 02/25/2006
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alicia  My Zodiac Sign      : Cancer
 My Destiny Number:4
 Cancer Horoscope

I am a sensitive, caring, nurturing woman who would like to be with someone that appreciates those qualities instead of considering me needy.
Female, 50 years
Recent Visit : 10/01/2005
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