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World leaders in Astrology now into Match making

Kindly submit yours and your partners personal details. Your Compatibility Report will be sent to you within 5 days from submission.


 Be yourself.
  Be a good listener.
  Try to have enough fun. Avoid boredom.
  Be confident in yourself and project the same.
  Be on time for appointments.
  Be a little romantic.
  Make your partner comfortable.
  Keep conversations going.
  Talk about his/her interests.
  Show respect to his/her wishes and ideals.
  Focus on his/her talks and give due importance.
  Thank him/her for the date.
  Do not wear either too formal or too casual dresses.
  Date safely.

  Do not be late for a date.
  Do not nag or make fun of the other.
  Do not try to find fault.
  Do not talk about yourself all day long.
  Do not ask for sex at the first instant.
  Do not talk about your previous relationships.
  Do not try to act out of folly.
  Do not ask too many questions.
  Do not ask for immediate marriage/ relationship.
  Do not call at unanticipated times.
  Do not rush things