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Dating at Workplace

We are quite used to spending most of the day time at our workplace. Hence it is quite natural that dating can bloom here too. But it should not interfere with the office etiquette. Listed below are some points to consider when dating seems to happen In your workplace.

You cannot think of dating every other guy at office.

Make sure your relationship will in no way affect your growth or movement within your company.

Make sure your work is getting done and done well. If it shows that your office romance is affecting your work, chances are you may either be asked to end your romance or find another job.

Avoid dating someone in a higher or lower position than you. Peers would be a best bet.

Absolutely no public displays of affection at work. Save it for a private outing.

Never, have or bring fights or arguments to work. Deal with it after work hours .

Don't listen to office rumors about your relationship and above all don't give any reason to start them.

Try to give more importance to your work than your date.

Draw a line between your personal and official status when both of you Seem to be in the same section of the office.